Asha the Turkey’s story

So today I took a little walk into the snow. Just for a few minutes to see if this was a reality. Was I really free? Have I now got freedom? And yes it was true, I was free.

I’m Asha (meaning hope) the turkey – saved by an amazing, courageous lady called Katie who wouldn’t let go of me after the lorry I was being transported on crashed on the M5. She held onto to me and wouldn’t let anyone take me, and eventually, the police and other people trying to get me and my other friends back in crates to continue our journey to be slaughtered for Christmas dinner finally gave up and let me go with Katie. Out of 640 turkeys, I was the ONLY ONE who found freedom.

I am now at my forever home at Hillfields Animal Sanctuary. I will never have to leave here. I have already made new friends with some other turkeys who were rescued from death last Christmas, so they know what I’ve been through. They are all very friendly and I am so happy.

Think about it for a moment – all my other friends on that lorry continued on their journey, just so they could be slaughtered for Christmas dinner. Please take a moment to think about your choices for Christmas dinner. Do we turkeys, and the other millions upon millions of beautiful living animals bred for the same reasons really deserve this?

Asha The Turkey