Sponsor an Animal

Hillfields is home to a wide variety of animals & our philosophy is that once one is offered sanctuary, it will be for life.

Most of those who arrive here have had an unsettled, harsh life, have usually only known neglect or cruelty and have often been pushed from pillar to post, never really being wanted. Therefore we feel they deserve permanent refuge here, no waiting in pens or cages to be re-homed – this IS now their home. We want them to live as free and as natural a life as possible, able to fulfil their natural instincts, something so often denied most animals, both farm and companion. We aim to offer true refuge to all these sentient beings.

We’re proud of this ethos and committed to maintaining it, however the downside is that we receive no donations through re-homing. Also, the numbers we care for never decrease, in fact only increase steadily all the time, such is the demand for sanctuary places. Hence, sponsorship of individual animals is crucial to our survival and we hope you will support us by considering buying a certificate for yourself or as a gift.

Many thanks on behalf of the animals who have no other voice but ours.